24. 9. 2018

New craft brewery from Spiš

At Spišské Vlachy, a small, craft brewery should arise. It wants to deliver up to 11,000 hectolitres of beer per year. A total investment of € 2.5 million should create jobs for up to 15 people.
19. 9. 2018

Oerlikon Balzers has expanded its production

Oerlikon Balzers, based in Liechtenstein, is the leading supplier of surface treatment technology in the world. Company opened its second production plant on Tuesday, September 18th, in the...
11. 9. 2018

New investments in Šariš brewery

Asahi brewery form Japan has taken over the second largest brewery in Slovakia from previous owner SABMiller from South Africa. This company plans to invest a total of 4.4 million euros in Šariš.

Eastern Slovakia in Short

Basic Facts

Area: 15 729 km²
Population: 1 613 672 (31. 12. 2013)
City: Košice
Currency: Euro (€)
Area phone number: +421
Languages: Slovak, Hungarian, Romani, Rusyn, Czech

What we offer

ESIG offers the following services

  • Additional services for investing subjects
  • Information database on regional investment possibilities
  • Advisory services in terms of selecting the right location for business activities
  • Support of business-to-business relations
  • Cross connection between investors and specific professional services
  • Contact on professionals in economic sectors and on all levels of civil services

Exchange rates

European Central Bank (ECB) 25th September 2018
AUD Australia Australian dollar 1.62340
CAD Canada Canadian dollar 1.52620
CNY China Chinese yuan renminbi 8.09580
CZK Czech Republic Czech koruna 25.61300
DKK Denmark Danish krone 7.45970
HUF Hungary Hungarian forint 324.08000
JPY Japan Japanese yen 132.78000
NZD New Zealand New Zealand dollar 1.76960
PLN Poland Polish zloty 4.29300
GBP United Kingdom Pound sterling 0.89425
RUB Russia Russian rouble 77.36030
SEK Sweden Swedish krona 10.35150
CHF Switzerland Swiss franc 1.13760
USD United States of America US dollar 1.17770