Facts & Figures

Healthcare in Eastern Slovakia is currently going through a phase of rapid development owing to a number of restructuring and modernisation processes, which are mostly funded using private resources. Most of the hospitals in the region are run by private companies.

According to the survey carried out by the independent institute INEKO last year, the top three positions were taken by three general hospitals situated in Eastern Slovakia – in Poprad, Košice-Šaca, and Stará Ľubovňa. At the end of the year 2015, Eastern Slovakia had 4,419 primary health care facilities, 371 secondary (institutional) care units, and around 50 inpatient facilities, some of which are specialised or spa-type facilities.

Number of doctors per hundreds thousands of inhabitants

2012 2013 2014 2015
Észak-Magyarország 214.29 228.62 240.25 211.94
Észak-Alföld 271.87 273.52 305.61 286.27
Malopolskie 233.40 234.36 228.77 230.46
Podkarpackie 202.59 206.02 208.50 214.36
Central Slovakia 300.63 301.50 306.86 317.02
East Slovakia 326.00 329.05 333.95 336.35

Source: Eurostat, NHIC


With regard to certain indicators pertaining to the number of health care professionals per 100,000 inhabitants, Eastern Slovakia is a leading region that comes right after the Bratislava region, where a high number of nationwide specialised facilities are situated. The same holds true for the number of hospital beds – in fact, according to NUTS2, Eastern Slovakia often boasts higher figures in comparison to the surrounding regions in terms of indicators.

Medical statistic

2016 Number of inpatient care units Number of beds Number of Inpatients Number of bed days ALOS Number of beds per medical doctor Medical doctors
Prešov Region 200 4 962 152 720 1 125 216 7.4 5.4 926.52
Košice Region 208 5 364 170 598 1 371 717 8.0 4.7 1 153.18
Slovak Republic in total 1 252 31 785 1 015 651 7 855 722 7.7 4.8 6 576.18

Source: Statistic Office of the Slovak Republic




There are several specialised facilities of nationwide significance in Eastern Slovakia.

They include the National Institute for Tuberculosis, Pulmonary Diseases, and Thoracic Surgery in Vyšné Hágy – the only one of its kind in Slovakia, located in the High Tatra at an altitude of 1,130 m. above sea level – and Nemocnica Košice-Šaca a.s. – a private hospital in Košice-Šaca that specialises in the treatment of burns and was primarily established to provide care to the employees of the nearby U.S. Steel Košice plant.