Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industry

In Eastern Slovakia, especially in its northern part, in towns like Svit, Strážske or Humenné, there is a long tradition of such manufacturing, and today several companies ranking among the largest of their type in the whole Slovak economy currently operate here.

In Strážske a factory founded in the 1950s, which successfully transformed itself from a large producer of explosives into a maker of top lighting stabilizers, continues to successfully operate. The only maker of BOPP films* in Slovakiahas its company headquarters in Svit. The most significant representative of the pharmaceutical sector in Eastern Slovakia is undoubtedly Imuna Pharm, which since 1953 in Šarišské Michalany has done research and development of vaccines, products from blood plasma, nutritive soils, cell implants, immunoglobulin and other products. It directs its exports to the whole world and is the only company in Slovakia which offers blood derivatives from Slovak plasma.

*production of special dielectric BOPP films for capacitors

Selection of Largest Companies Within the Sector

Company Location Key product Revenue in thousands Investor
Nexis Fibers a.s. Humenné Industrial fibers especially for the automotive industry 108 208 Czech Republic
CHEMOSVIT FOLIE, a.s Svit Flexible foils and products from them - pockets, bags,... 100 777 Slovakia
Unomedical s.r.o. Michalovce Disposable medical aids 83 248 Denmark
D.P. EKOPLAST, spol. s r.o. Snina Production of clean and printed film, especially for PET bottles and cans 61 152 Slovakia
TERICHEM, a.s. Svit BOPP films - co-extruded, tobacco, monolayer, capacitor 44 982 Finland
PRIMA POPRAD, s.r.o Poprad Plastic components of thermoplastics and thermosets for white technology and the automotive industry 38 631 Italy
DIAKOL STRÁŽSKE, s.r.o. Strážske Range of adhesives for the wood industry 36 074 Czech Republic
OLDRATI SLOVENSKO s.r.o. Humenné Manufacture of rubber and plastic products, filters for air purification, oils, fuels 34 051 Italy
SCAMETATRA, a.s. Poprad Plastic products - White moldings and parts for automatic washing machines 17 553 Italy
IMUNA PHARM, a.s. Š. Michaľany Immune preparations, infusion solutions, blood derivatives, cell implants, nutrient media 15 195 Slovakia

Source: Agency VIA


CHEMOSVIT FOLIE, a.s. from Svit

Back in 1934 the concern Bata established in Svit a company which gradually became, under the brand name Chemosvit, one of the most important pillars of the economy of Eastern Slovakia.

Among its first programs was the production of cellophane, while today production in the Chemosvit group is dominated by polypropylene foils for the electro technology industry and wrapping foils for the food industry while the company further develops the production of polypropylene textiles and technical fibres. The Chemosvit group also has its own production plants in Finland and Ukraine.