The skilled craftsmanship of the masons of Eastern Slovakia was known all over Europe even back in the 19th century.

The Vocational Secondary School of Construction, Architecture and Land Surveying, based in Košice, was founded in 1879, during the times of Austria- Hungary, and the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Technical University of Košice educates students in several specialised areas. Eastern Slovakia construction and design enterprises obviously do business not only in the region but workover all of Central and Eastern Europe. Complex engineering constructions, water works, motorways and high-speed roads, bridges, concrete constructions, sewerage, industrial parks, manufacturing halls and residential and commercial sites – all of these are found in the portfolio of segment leaders that have their registered seat in Eastern Slovakia.

Selection of Largest Companies Within the Sector

Company Location Key product Revenue in thousands Investor
EUROVIA SK, a.s Košice Construction and reconstruction of motorways, roads and bridges, water management structures 112500 International - France
Inžinierske stavby, a. s. Košice Construction and reconstruction of roads and bridges, land and industrial buildings 58271 International - France
Carmeuse Slovakia, s.r.o Slanec Production of lime and limestone 55782 Belgium
Chemkostav, a.s Michalovce Construction and reconstruction of civil and industrial buildings, rental of transport mechanisms 48924 Slovakia
URANPRES, spol. s r.o. Prešov Provider of bansko-building, construction, geological and drilling works 34383 Cyprus
BETPRES, s.r.o. Vranov Construction work, rental of trucks and building mechanisms, tools 15699 Slovakia
STI, spol. s r.o. Krompachy Tube construction, construction activities 11865 Slovakia
PASELL SLOVAKIA s.r.o Poprad Manufacture of concrete, cement, lime and plaster products 11217 Slovakia
BBF Tech, a.s Levoča Electrical installation work 10986 Slovakia
ARPROG, a.s. Poprad Poprad Implementation of transport, engineering, industrial, residential and civil buildings 9833 Slovakia

Source: Agency VIA


EUROVIA SK, a.s. from Košice

Among the large construction companies in Eastern Slovakia are two companies with strong foreign ownership participation and production references in the field of construction of surface buildings, roads, high-speed roads and motorways.

Eurovia SK belongs to the international group Eurovia, which is a part of the worldwide concern VINCI with activities especially in Europe and North America.

Inžinierske stavby has worked on the market for roads and surface constructions for more than 60 years, and today is a member of the French supranational company COLAS, which employs 57,000 people in 50 different countries around the world.