Food Industry

Agricultural production in Eastern Slovakia has firm roots and a rich history.

The warm and fertile lowlands in the southeast, perfect for the cultivation of grains or vineyards, and the cooler climate and the rocky natural landscape, which create conditions more for the raising of livestock and sheep, predestined the region of the east for a varied mix of vegetable and animal farming production. In the food processing industry the top unit in the region by revenue is the brewery in Velký Šariš, which is part of the concern SABMiller plc, the second largest beer maker in the world. In addition to this, Eastern Slovakia can be praised in particular for well-functioning traditional enterprises of dairy production, meat production and the processing of fish. Furthermore the largest maker of coffee and tea in Slovakia has been operating in Poprad since 1955.

Selection of Largest Companies Within the Sector

Company Location Key product Revenue in thousands Investor
Pivovary Topvar, a.s. Veľký Šariš Traditional local beer 120 371 South Africa
MECOM GROUP s.r.o Humenné Processing, meat, sausages and other meat products 129 412 Cyprus
SYRÁREŇ BEL SLOVENSKO a.s Michalovce Raw products, Mini BabyBel, Leerdammer, Gervais 87 947 Austria
Tatranská mliekareň a.s Kežmarok Milk, butter, cream, yogurt, cheese 69 320 Slovakia
Podtatranská hydina a.s. Kežmarok Processing and preserving of poultry meat 45 450 Slovakia
HO&PE FAMILY, s.r.o. Poprad Production and distribution of frozen, refrigerated and dry goods 31 084 Slovakia
RYBA Košice spol. s r.o Košice Products from fish, shellfish, crustaceans 27 203 Slovakia
Baliarne obchodu, a. s. Poprad Poprad Coee, tea 26 756 Slovakia
MPC CESSI a.s. Spišská nová ves Manufacture of cutlery, pasta, couscous and similar farinaceous products 19 261 Slovakia
THYMOS, spol. s r.o Veľká Lomnica Production of spices and flavorings 16 838 Poland

Source: Agency VIA


Pivovary Topvar a.s. from Velký Šariš

It is a brewing company that follows the long tradition of cooking and drinking beer in Slovakia.

Their beer portfolio in Slovakia ranks Pivovary Topvar in a leading position in its range and variety. The Šariš Brewery is constantly investing in technology development and working on top quality beer production. The quality of beers is highly valued and they have received dozens of valuable awards. The 8th year of the Slovak Beer Crown, where their beer was packed with seven awards, brought the historical success. Three Šariš beer medals from the prestigious international competition Monde Selection have expanded their rich collection of awards from previous years. For gold earnings, the Institute of Quality Monde Selection of the Šariš beer awarded 10% in addition to the International High Quality Trophy 2014 award.