Metallurgical Industry

The history of metallurgical production and the processing of metals in the Eastern Slovakia region dates back to medieval times, and their development was initially based in particular on local resources of iron ore and other precious metals. As early as in the 16th century an iron plant was established near Košice, and it was owned by the town until the mid-19th century.

Today the flagship of metallurgy in the region and for all of Slovakia is without a doubt the factory owned by American concern U. S. Steel, which is the successor to the Eastern Slovakia Steel Works established in Košice back in 1959. The production capacity of the plant represents a volume of up to 4.5 tonnes of steel annually. More than 11,000 residents of the Eastern Slovakia region currently work in the metallurgical industry. A source of a qualified labour force for the sector since 1952 has been the Technical University in Košice and its Faculty of Metallurgy and Faculty of Mining, in which research and development workplaces are closely linked with practice.

Selection of Largest Companies Within the Sector

Company Location Key product Revenue in thousands Investor
U. S. Steel Košice, s.r.o. Košice Hot and cold rolled steel, galvanized, tin, electrotechnical steel and other products 2 619 050 USA
CROWN Bevcan Slovakia s. r. o Kechnec Drink cans 81 704 USA
ANDRITZ Slovakia s.r.o. Humenné Metal working and finishing, metal structures manufacture 73 291 Austria
C.L.N. Slovakia s.r.o Košice Development and installation of industrial high-tech steel products 53 334 Italy
Brock Metals s.r.o. Košice Manufacture of lead, zinc and tin 46 821 Slovakia
Immergas Europe s.r.o. Poprad Producer and distributor of these traditional and condensing gas boilers 41 358 Italy
EUROCAST Košice, s.r.o. Košice Metallurgical production of steel castings 35 354 Germany
MICHATEK, k.s. Michalovce Manufacturer of components for household appliances made of stainless steel and aluminum 32 156 Germany
Schüle Slovakia, s.r.o. Poprad Castings of aluminum alloys for automotive and automation technology 30 338 Germany
MOPS PRESS, s.r.o. Snina Manufacturer of aluminum castings by pressure casting technology 28 121 Slovakia

Source: Agency VIA


U.S. Steel from Košice

Company employs around 10 000 people, it is the biggest company in Eastern Slovakia. U. S. Steel Košice is an integrated steelmaking company with more than 50 years of tradition, its parent organization is a world-class steel producer, United States Steel Corporation.

Its annual raw steel production capability is 4.5 million metric tons. U. S. Steel Košice produces high value-added products suitable for applications in the automotive, packaging, electrotechnical, consumer goods and building industries. Their high quality is guaranteed by QMS in line with ISO 9001. Company also holds several other international certificates.