27. 8. 2019

New investment by Handtmann.

A new investor, Handtmann, is coming to the Kechnec industrial park near Košice.
22. 8. 2019

30 mil. euros investment - Panattoni Park Kosice Airport.

The industrial zone builder, Panattoni Europe, officially commenced the construction of his first project in Slovakia on 20.8.2019. Panattoni Europe is a European branch office of industrial...
3. 7. 2019

German company BHS-Sonthofen to build a new manufacturing plant in Prešov

The German company BHS-Sonthofen will build a new manufacturing plant in the Záturecká industrial park in Haniska, near Prešov in eastern Slovakia.

In the east of Slovakia a new gas storage

In Eastern Slovakia, a new gas tank will grow. Partial state-controlled company Nafta, invests approximately € 178 million in its construction. Nafta plans to build a reservoir with a capacity of 340 million cubic meters in Keľké Kapušany, in the locality of fired natural gas deposit, Ptruška. 


Construction of a new gas storage will begin in three years and it will last for five years. It will run in 2023. The new project strengthens the security of gas supplies and integrates the Slovak, Polish, Hungarian and Ukrainian markets. The storage capacity should come close to one of the gas gates to the EU - the Velké Kapušany compressor station. In this locality there are three existing and two planned gas pipeline routes and there is no storage capacity up to now.