10. 12. 2018

IT base in Košice has expanded

The Norwegian company Visma, operating in the information technology sector, opens its development center in Košice. Within a strategic investment, cvompany wants to employ more than 200...
16. 11. 2018

Klauke plans to create new jobs in Gelnica

Klauke Slovakia, based in Dolný Kubín, plans to increase number of employees in its factory in Gelnica.
25. 10. 2018

Immopark Košice will be bigger

The industrial and logistics park Immopark Košice, which currently provides almost 60,000 m2 of existing warehouse-production premises, will again expand with two more halls.

Republic of Korea as one of the leading foreign investors

The Republic of Korea is one of the most important foreign investors in the Slovak Republic. Altogether about 100 South Korean companies have invested in production in Slovakia, especially in the automotive and electrotechnical sectors.

The biggest investor is Kia Motors, followed by Samsung Electronics. Both companies belong among our largest exporters and also belong among the top five largest businesses. Slovakia is the fourth most important export market in the EU, according to the material of the diplomatic corporation for the Republic of Korea, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Between the V4 countries, we are in trade with the Republic of Korea at the level of Poland, almost double the volume of the Czech Republic and Hungary.