27. 8. 2019

New investment by Handtmann.

A new investor, Handtmann, is coming to the Kechnec industrial park near Košice.
22. 8. 2019

30 mil. euros investment - Panattoni Park Kosice Airport.

The industrial zone builder, Panattoni Europe, officially commenced the construction of his first project in Slovakia on 20.8.2019. Panattoni Europe is a European branch office of industrial...
3. 7. 2019

German company BHS-Sonthofen to build a new manufacturing plant in Prešov

The German company BHS-Sonthofen will build a new manufacturing plant in the Záturecká industrial park in Haniska, near Prešov in eastern Slovakia.

Tepláreň Košice invests in clean technologies

The heating plant has ordered technology to significantly reduce the release of pollutants into the air, as Košice has a long-term problem with its pollution. This is mainly due to metallurgical plant the US Steel and, to a lesser extent, Tepláreň Košice (TEKO). Both burn coal.

Technology from Energyco, a company from Rožňava, will cost 45 million euros. It is a combined heat and power plant. Fuel will be the gas, whereby the company will reduce the consumption of coal by up to 30 percent. The current investment includes four gas engines with an electric and thermal output of up to 4 x 10.5 megawatts. They replace the TEKO I. technology, which has been in operation since the 1960s. The new technology should work from August 2019. The TEKO says that since 2005 it has invested up to 125 million euros in cleaner technologies.