2. 4. 2018

Tepláreň Košice invests in clean technologies

The heating plant has ordered technology to significantly reduce the release of pollutants into the air, as Košice has a long-term problem with its pollution. This is mainly due to metallurgical...
14. 3. 2018

Košice will have a new air link with Germany

Košice Airport has succeeded in an internet vote in the project of the German airline Eurowings "Vote and fly!". In the final, Košice Airport received the most votes and won over Irish Cork and...
16. 1. 2018

In the east of Slovakia a new gas storage

In Eastern Slovakia, a new gas tank will grow. Partial state-controlled company Nafta, invests approximately € 178 million in its construction. Nafta plans to build a reservoir with a capacity...
10. 1. 2018

Košice Airport in 2017

In terms of connectivity, 2017 was the most successful year in the history of Košice Airport, which offered regular flights from the metropolis of Eastern Slovakia to as many as 9 destinations in...
21. 12. 2017

Leoni is planning a new factory in the eastern Slovakia

Leoni Slovakia plans to make big investments in Slovakia.     
7. 12. 2017

Another automaker in Slovakia

A Chinese producer of electric cars Zhi Dou could come to Slovakia, which, like Swedish Volvo, belongs to the Chinese holding Zhejiang Geely. Zhi Dou wants to build a new production base for the...