11. 10. 2017

An industrial park at Veľká Lomnica in planning stage

Tatramat and GVM are making preparations for the construction of a new industrial park near the village of Veľká Lomnica. 
11. 8. 2017

A new recycling plant at Kechnec

The industrial park near the village of Kechnec in Eastern Slovakia will see a new establishment focusing on sanitary and textile waste recycling. 
29. 7. 2017

New Investment from Panep

Based in the Czech Republic, Panep has launched the construction of its manufacturing plant in the industrial park in Medzilaborce. Once finished, it will provide another 20 job opportunities in...
23. 6. 2017

WizzAir to link Košice and Tel Aviv

Not long after Ryanair launched its regular flights from Bratislava to the popular Israeli summer resort of Eilat in the autumn of 2016, the citizens of Košice finally have a chance to fly...
14. 6. 2017

New Investor in Levoča

On 13 June 2017, the municipal government of Levoča agreed to allow a new investor, Helske, s.r.o., to enter Levoča’s brown industrial estate. 
5. 5. 2017

Arrival of a Japanese Investor

Investment of the decade came to the region of Košice.