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Stocks in Slovakia

Development of industrial and logistics premises in all major markets in Europe was positive in 2016 and this trend is noticeable in Slovakia as well.

Slovakia has reinforced its position in the automotive industry and remains attractive for both suppliers and logistics companies. The automotive industry has a strong tradition in Slovakia and has become the most important sector and driving force of the Slovak economy. The recent Jaguar Land Rover entry, now the fourth automotive producer in the market continued the trend.

The market also experienced stronger investment activity in industrial and logistic premises. At the end of 2016, total modern industrial supply of A Grade premises in Slovakia equalled to 1,800 thousand m².

Industrial Stock in Slovakia (thousand m2)

Source: Colliers Internationals


Development of the Spaces

We can consider the turn of the millennium as the start of the most significant building of modern industrial zones, offices and shopping centres of Eastern Slovakia, even though we can see an even more dynamic period in the past 10 years.

While Košice, the metropolis of the region, is clearly the dominant location in office space, other individual districts are more equally represented in the retail segment. Industrial zones have originated as brown field parks in original infrastructure or as new areas with the support of the state in places where the government decided to support employment and regional development with variety of stimulus packages.


Development of the Growth of Office Spaces of A and B Grade Quality in Košice (m2)

Source: Agentúra VIA

Development of the Growth of New Retail Spaces in Eastern Slovakia (m2)

Source: Agentúra VIA