Taste East Slovakia

Living in East Slovakia is not only about work, but also about having fun and enjoyin the life. Both regions regularly organize various cultural and sports events that attract more than 360-thousand young people aged 20-35. No matter whether you long for a romantic walk, or an adventurous trip, you will definitely find the one and only experience only for you. 


TOP Events of the Region 




Not only are residents of East Slovakia hard-working, but also very sporty. Sports events organized by both self-governing regions are popular with either profesional sportsmen or sporty laymen. See the list of the most popular ones. 




It is said that if one´s stomach is full, the person is less nervous, can better concentrate on things and, more importantly, does not "bark" on his or her surrounding. Everybody knows that cooks and bakeresses from East Slovakia are simply gorgeous. However, if you are a lover of good food and drinks, you can easily fall in love with some of the most popular gurman festivals where you can taste a number of high quality food and drinks. .


Cultural Events


Nowadays people more and more talk about the so-called "work-life balance." Let us be honest, not everything is about work that is why we sometimes need to "switch off" and enjoy an hour or two of a good concert, movie or theatrical performance. 


Free Time


Except the fact that typical Slovak Saturday is closely connected with vacuum cleaning, it would be a pity not to enjoy the two free days for a family team building. The region of East Slovakia offers a number of places where you can admire the beautiful scenery of nature or simply enjoy a long walk with your dog.   




Stress and big load of work can be handled only when we "spoil" not just our mind but also our body. Let us be honest, who does not want to enjoy a wellness weekend right before a difficult meeting with the head? 




Historical arms, clothes, mosaic in church windows from various periods or churches built without a single nail. Yes, this also belongs to Slovakia. Study the history of our ancestors and  enjoy the beauty of historical monuments enlisted in the UNESCO World Heritage List.