Types of tourist destinations in Eastern Slovakia (2016)

Source: Slovstat,







Eastern Slovakia offers a number of unique natural and cultural monuments. As a matter of fact, most of UNESCO Slovakia’s natural and cultural monuments are located right in this region.

1. Bardejov

The Town Monument Reserve of Bardejov is known of as the “most Gothic of Slovak towns”. Its center consists of historical buildings. The most dominant monument of the town square is the Roman Catholic Basilica ofSt. Egidius from 15th century.



2. Levoča

The Town Monument Reserve of Levoca contains a set of cultural and historical monuments. Especially rare is the gothic wooden main altar of St. James in the Roma-Catholic St. James church. Altar made by Maestro Pavol with the height of 18.6 m is the highest of its kind in the world from 16th century.



3. Spišský hrad (“Spiš Castle”)

This National Cultural Monuments with its area of more than four ha is one of the largest castles in Central Europe. Near the Spiš Castle is the old town of Spišské Podhradie which was an important centre of crafts and the Spišská Kapitula a religious capital of the Spiš region.

4. Wooden Churches

Unique elements of traditional folk architecture were made mostly from wood without iron nails. The wooden churches of the Carpathian Mountain ain Area in Eastern Slovakia include the Roman Catholic Church in Hervartov, Evangelical Articular Church in Kežmarok, and the churches of Eastern Greek Catholic rite in Bodružal, Ladomirová and Ruská Bystrá.

5. Caves and Abysses in Slovenský kras (“Slovak Karst”)

Extraordinary concentration of more than 1000 caves and abysses in the National Park Slovak Karst have been inhabited by more than 500 animal species. Also the series of prehistoric cultural finds there have been preserved dating 35 000 years back. The most significant karst monuments are Ochtinská aragonitová Cave, Gombasecká Cave, Domica Cave, Krásnohorská Cave and Jasovská Cave.

6. Dobšinská jaskyna (“Dobšinská Cave”)

This one of the most important karts areas in Central Europe is located in National Park Slovak Paradise. Ice cave occurs beautiful and unique forms of floor ice, ice waterfalls, ice stalagmites and pillars.

7. Bukovské vrchy (“Bukovské Hills”)

Beech forests of Carpathians in Eastern Slovakia are located in the National Park Poloniny. Rarity of this area is occurrence of the largest complexes of original virgin beech woods places, endangered animal and plant species.

8. Vihorlatské vrchy (“Vihorlatské Hills”)

The Biosphere Reserve is a large complex of beech forests in East Carpathy. The 240 years and older beech specimens are no exceptions. Vihorlatské Hills boasts an exceptional natural phenomenon the largest necrastic natural mountain lake Sea Eye.