Administrative Divisions

More than 1.6 million residents of Eastern Slovakia live in 1,105 towns and villages of the Prešov and Košice subregions, which are further divided administratively into 24 districts. Local village and town administrations are supplemented by the offices and competencies of the Košice and Prešov Self-governing Regions.

The capital cities of the two regions are connected by a motorway, which also extends westwards. It only takes 15 minutes from one city to the other. Each region falls under its own self-government body, which is mainly responsible fohealth care, education, transport, social services, and a number of other areas of life in the region.

Eastern Slovakia

• 2 regions
• 24 districts
• 1105 towns and villages
• Košice Self-governing Region (population) 795 565
• Prešov Self-governing Region (population) 819 977

Source: Statistical office of the Slovak Republic, 2011





Map with the Districts of Eastern Slovakia


Population - 6 largest cities