Railway Transport


There are several railway passengers companies, both state and private owned, that oer transport to many European cities, such as Paris, Berlin, Prague, Warsaw, Budapest, Kiev, Moscow, Vienna and many others, some of them with direct access.

Railway freight transport is a significant carrier of raw materials and products. One of the most important crossings of railway transfer is located in south-eastern Slovakia – Cierna nad Tisou, which enables to transport goods and materials from Russia, Ukraine and Asian countries to the West of the Europe. The railway connection with Budapest and Bratislava allows goods to be transported by ship transport on the Danube river.


Railway Lines in Eastern Slovakia




Wide-gauge railway line

Railway freight transport is a significant carrier of raw materials and products of the business sector.

Uzhgorod - Haniska railway line is a wide-gauge railway line from Uzhgorod to Haniska in Košice, which was built mainly for the transport of iron ore to the former VSŽ (nowadays U.S. Steel). Uzhgorod - Haniska railway line starts in Uzhgorod, Ukraine, and after 8 kilometers, enters the territory of the Slovak Republic and after 2 more kilometers enters the Matovce railway station. The track continues in parallel with the normal track from Velké Kapušany via Trebišov. In the village of Kalša it joins the two-track route from Cierna nad Tisou to Košice, it passes along the village of Barca and ends in Haniska, where a depot was built for the needs of a wide-gauge railway. In 1978, the track was additionally electrified throughout the section with a single-track traction system of 3 kV. Maximum speed there is set to 60km/h. The minimal radius is 400 m and the total length of the railway is 87 km. The maximal weight of trains is almost 4500 tons.