Road Transport

Eastern Slovakia has a fairly developed and constantly growing infrastructure of motorways, dual carriageways, and roads of European significance. In the near future, the region will see motorway bypasses around Prešov and Košice (extended towards Ukraine), which are currently under construction. The city of Košice is directly connected to the Hungarian border by motorway (the Milhost – Tornyosnémeti border crossing).

The Prešov region borders with Poland (the main border crossing for haulage and passenger transport being at Vyšný Komárnik - Barwinek) and Ukraine (the main border crossing for passenger transport being at Ubla – Malyj Bereznyj).

The Košice region borders with Ukraine (the main border crossing for haulage being at Vyšné Nemecké – Užhorod) and Hungary (the main border crossings for haulage and passenger transport being at Milhost – Tornyosnémeti and Slovenské Nové Mesto – Sátoraljaújhely).


Transit - Eastern Slovakia


Slovakia Poland
Tatranská Javorina Lysá Poľana up to 7.5 t
Podspády Jurgów up to 7.5 t
Lysá nad Dunajcom Niedzica up to 7.5 t
Mníšek nad Popradom Piwniczna up to 3.5 t
Čirč Leluchów up to 7.5 t
Kurov Muszynka up to 7.5 t
Becherov Konieczna up to 7.5 t
Vyšný Komárnik Barwinek unlimited
Palota Lupków up to 7.5 t


Slovakia Ukraine
Vyšné Nemecké Užhorod unlimited
Ubľa Malyj Berezny up to 3.5 t


Slovakia Hungary
Domica Aggtelek personal including BUS
Hosťovce Tornanádaska personal including BUS
Milhosť Tornyosnémeti unlimited
Slovenské Nové Mesto Sátoraljaújhely unlimited
Veľký Kamenec Pácin personal including BUS